Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hawaii: Go Green, Live Local & Save Money, Too

Ever dream of vacationing in Hawaii, only to have your surf-driven fantasies come crashing down on dry land once you find out how much a hotel or condominium and a rental car are going to cost? The budget-saving solution: travel more like local Hawaii residents live, shrink your carbon footprint on the islands, and you can save big bucks, too.

Over on Gogobot, a social travel network that's a real resource for independent DIY travelers, I've been doing a series of columns that tell many of my secrets for green, local and budget travel in Hawaii. Years of living, working and traveling all around the islands has taught me that the most unforgettable trips are often the cheapest.

Camping, hiking, hanging out at beaches, and learning about Hawaiian culture and history all cost less than one night squeezed in a tiny beachfront resort hotel room with mai tai cocktails. Plus you'll get better acquainted with a more authentic side of Hawaii, both its traditions and its multicultural, hang-loose contemporary lifestyle.

Check out my guest post with travel tips for Oahu on Gogobot. If you've got your own money-saving, eco-travel ideas to share, leave a comment here or over there. Next up: Maui on April 10. Aloha!

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Photos: Lanikai Beach (Michael Connolly Jr.) & Likeke Falls (Sara J. Benson) 

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