Monday, January 23, 2012

Edible Travels: Farmers Market Finds (even in Winter!)

The more time I spend traveling, the more captivated I am just by experiencing everyday life wherever I roam. I used to plan trips around thrill-of-a-lifetime sights like Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu, but these days I get almost as wrapped up in local food culture. If you're craving a more authentic travel experience, just stop by a farmers market on your next road trip.

One afternoon in Culver City last fall became a culinary adventure when I stumbled across a farmers market and started gawking at the trumpet, lobster and other Dr. Seuss-like mushroom varieties stacked in overflowing boxes. Another 2011 trip to Humboldt County got sidetracked for an entire Saturday morning by the Arcata Plaza farmers market, where I bought the biggest mason jar of dark golden honey I'd ever seen. Other edible souvenirs I've packed home from recent travels include peaberry coffee from Kauai, olive oil from Napa Valley and wild berry jam from Colorado's Rocky MountainsNow when I'm stuck at home, with cold winter rains pouring down outside, I can just step into my kitchen, open the pantry and start tasting those memories.

Even in winter, it's easy to work a farmers market into your travels if you're visiting California. Drop by San Francisco's Ferry Plaza and you have an almost 50/50 shot of hitting the farmers market taking place three days a week. The indoor Ferry Building Marketplace, open daily year-round, is a showcase for artisan foods made all around the San Francisco Bay Area. Or cruise down California's coast to San Luis Obispo County, where over 15 locavarian farmers markets happen each week. 

Tip: If you're looking for local farmers markets on the go, download the free Locavore (iTunes App Store and Android Market) and California Farmers Market (iTunes only) mobile apps.

Have a favorite local farmers market that travelers shouldn't miss? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Photo: San Luis Obispo Farmers Market (Michael Connolly, Jr.)

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