Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top 5 Free Seats on the Las Vegas Strip

When you're walking along the Las Vegas Strip, your feet will hurt. That's just a rule. And it's doubly true when you're researching a travel guide, clocking in over 6 miles in one day. Suddenly, finding a free place to sit seems like a miracle when it's not in front of a ding-ding-dinging slot machine. Here are my top 5 fave places to escape and kick up my heels on the Strip:
  1. Planet Hollywood's mezzanine (aka 'The Mezz') hovering above the casino floor, at the top of the escalators in front of Koi and Strip House restaurants. Mod black seating, but no wi-fi.
  2. The Venetian's chaise longues next to the poolside windows just down the hall from Bouchon restaurant. Free wi-fi, and classy Italianate art all around you.
  3. Caesars Palace on the 2nd floor of the spa tower, just down the hall from Restaurant Guy Savoy. Richly upholstered French empire-style seating, plus free wi-fi.
  4. The faux Brooklyn Bridge at NYNY casino hotel. The NYC-style park benches just outside the ESPN Zone let you sniff out free wi-fi and enjoy some fresh(ish) air.
  5. Imperial Palace's La-Z-Boy-style leather recliner massage chairs (yup, they're coin-op) upstairs from the casino floor, just below Ginseng 3 restaurant.
But my very favorite new place to sit (and sip) on the Strip is the 23rd-floor tea lounge next to the Mandarin Oriental's sky lobby at CityCenter. Technically, it's not a free seat, since you'll have to pay for a drink to enjoy the divinely comfy couches. Anyone can come gawk at the Strip view for free, as long as you don't sit down (the management is politely firm about this). But to really soak up the nighttime panoramas, the $20 champagne cocktail seemed worth its weight in gold.

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Photo credit: Las Vegas Strip after dark (Sara J. Benson)

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