Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Freebies! Utah State Parks Passes and iPhone App

US National Park Week is over, which means no more free trips to the Zion or Bryce Canyon National Parks for you. The good news is, you can still get free-entry to Utah's state parks, if you're a local library card holder. Neighborhood libraries, including in the Salt Lake City metro area, will let you check out an annual Utah State Parks pass (normally $75), which gets you free entry to any state park you choose. (For a list of participating libraries in Utah, click here.)

As if that's not enough of a good deal, Utah State Parks has also released a free iPhone / iPod Touch app. True, there's not a lot of descriptive detail provided in this mobile field guide, but the photo galleries are gorgeous. The app loads quickly and it gives you contact details, addresses and basic maps of each park that you can access offline (which is helpful, given spotty cellphone coverage and non-existent Wi-Fi in Utah's wilderness). I'm crossing my fingers that future updates of this handy app will get more in-depth about what activities and features each park has, including hiking trails.

Keep up the good work, Beehive State! Find out more by following Utah State Parks on Twitter or Facebook.

Update (4/30/2010): An update for the Utah State Parks' iPhone app is now available (version 2.0), which includes videos from YouTube, Google maps interactivity for park locations and a current events/news feed.

Photo credit: Anasazi State Park (Michael Connolly, Jr.)

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